Monday, March 4, 2013

Top Ten Things I Like About the 1960's

10. Sorry, I'm afraid I could only come up with nine

9. Star Trek (TV series)

8. Lion in Winter (film)

7. The Sound of Music (film)

6. Mary Poppins (film; yes, I know it's a children's film, but I still like it!)

5. The (USA) Voting Rights Act

4. The reformed 1962 Roman Missal

3. England (to be specific, England as it was in that decade, certainly not as it is now, bless their hearts)

2. The encyclicals of Pope Paul VI

1. The way Country and Western performers dressed on stage

Sunday, March 3, 2013

True and Funny

Father James Martin, S.J. had this to say on his Facebook Page:

"The conclave hasn't even started, and I'm already submerged by a sea of stupid articles, idiotic commentary and boneheaded op-eds about the Catholic Church, by people who have no clue what they're talking about. I'm not talking about people with whom I disagree, or who challenge me with new ways of thinking about the church, but writers who seem completely clueless about the most basic concepts. Some of this is to be expected: the church is a highly complex institution with 2,000 of history behind it.

"But the number of misinformed articles I've read about celibacy, the priesthood, the papacy, the church in this country, the causes of the sexual abuse crisis, church authority, papal infallibility, the role of the magisterium, life in a religious order, the vow of chastity, and Benedict XVI, just boggles the mind. Or at least my mind, which perhaps is too easily boggled. Needless to say, I don't expect commentators to know everything about the church. (I sure don't.) But I think it's a reasonable to expect that people should refrain from commenting (especially publicly) on stuff that they clearly don't know much about.

"In response, I'm going to start writing pieces and submitting op-eds about the most recent developments in quantum physics, the challenges of the last three months of pregnancy, the most efficient way to install a dishwasher and what it's like to be the following: a single mother working in a low-paying job, an elementary-school teacher working in a wealthy suburb, and an African-American living in the inner city.

"I know nothing about any these topics, or about the lived experiences of these people, but hey, I have an opinion."